Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I finished her....there is text in the background that may be difficult to see from the photo, but all of it means something...what it says underneath:

hold on to your heart girl
could i have eased your pain
save you
ti amo
no more
te voglio bene
love her

working on another piece as well...cant wait to see what this one evolves into.....


Feeling the creative juices flowing again...working on the angel that has been staring at me for months...She is going in a different direction than i had originally thought she would go, and i am thrilled so far. My emotions have been spilling onto the canvas and coming out like i want them to. That hasn't happened in such a long time. Inspiration is found in the most unexpected places lately...and sometimes I fail to see what is really really good for me, moving towards the toxic instead of the good...but both good and bad fuel creativity. I will take the inspiration wherever i can get it these days, picking up a paintbrush and touching canvas, and running my fingers through the paint, feeling it...making me come alive again.*sigh* i missed this....