Friday, February 26, 2010

Inspired Life

Barbara Esp was one of the most genuine loving people i have ever known. She passed away on Thursday February 18,2010. I will miss her greatly. She lived a life full of joy, living each day to the fullest and not taking one second for granted. She danced, traveled and spread love and cheer wherever she went. As our friend Chad said in his eulogy, she is someone who made you want to be a better person, to enjoy things more. She also gave us a great gift in her and Ed's daughters. Jacki and Michelle are two of my closest friends, always there no matter what the situation, open armed with love and support, free of judgement. I am blessed to have them in my life and count them among my family. Barbara will be greatly missed, but will never be absent, her spirit is here with us everyday in so many ways...a heart shaped rock, in Jacki's smile, Michelle's face, Jackson's laugh....always here in our hearts.