Friday, August 24, 2007

Poetry Thursday Poem....

Okay so i found this site, Poetry Thursday a while ago, but i never participated because i hadn't written poetry in years and years...Then i wrote a poem for Inspire Me i decided to try it out...Check them out, they will only be around for a couple more weeks...(but maybe if enough people ask nicely they won't close down!!) ANYWAY..the topic was sublimation (and yes i had to look it up because i didn't know what it meant, lol)which means an event that occurs when something passes from one state or phase to another. They asked us to take the last line of the last poem we wrote and start from there, so that is what i did..Here it is hope you like it.

My Voice

To listen to my voice
not an easy task for me
I didn't know the sound
until just recentely.

I decided one day
that i needed to find it
to seek out my voice
and no longer keep quiet.

Slowly i searched
looking in places put away
when all of a sudden
it appeared almost as clear as day.

It peeked it's head out
and i watched it unfurl
my voice that had hidden
inside that scared little girl.

She's had some practice
over the past couple of years
speaking and laughing
even screaming through tears.

i decided that day
that i needed to find it
to seek out my voice
Now i no longer keep quiet.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Inspire Me Thursday- Watercolor

This week on IMT the topic was i decided to share a painting that i actually posted a couple of weeks is my first attempt at using watercolors, which i also combined with acrylics, and instead of canvas i painted on heavyweight watercolor paper. I like the softness of the watercolor paint and i actually find it quite easy to work with...
Thanks for looking and i appreciate any feedback!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

*Inspire Me Thursday*

On Inspire me Thursday (a creative website), the topic this week was DNA. I thought about doing a sketch but the words just came easier to me....

Trying everyday to let go
and forget them
what they did
and what they said.
Won't let them in
to tear me down
to make me cry
make me hate myself.
Blood was only thicker
when there was no other choice
now i'm grown and not afraid
to listen to my voice.

Party Was Awesome

I have to say that ArtsyMama's blogger party was awesome. I had a great time going to visit new blogs and getting comments from people about mine. Thanks to everyone about the sweet comments on my sign!! I received so many compliments that i am thinking about making a few for my etsy shop!!Shop has been stuck at 3 pieces sold and i really dont know what to do about it. I am hoping to get a few more paintings finished this week, they are a little bit different. I have been in a softer, happier mood with my painting as of late...i am still going to keep painting will happen eventually.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007


Hello all! I am so excited about ArtsyMama's Blog Party today!!! I have never really participated in one of these before but i am really excited to get to know some of you Artsy Folk out there, lol. I hope you like my sign...made it out of chipboard and buttons, some rub ons and a wee bit of lace...
I am fairly new to blogging world, only a few months, and i recently opened my very own shop on Etsy (woohoo!!!). I love to create and share my art with others. Take a look around...and i look forward to hearing from you fellow artful bloggers!!!!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

*Home is in Reach*

This is my new piece. It is the second in my fantasy series (and it is available at my shop ) The first one (Hope in her Heart) sold last week...This one is on watercolor paper though, not canvas. Wanted to try it out and i really love the results (it's a change for me, i usually only paint on canvas- or walls, lol) Still trying to figure out whether to do a tutorial or a vignette showing for tomorrow's Artsymama blog...i will post a link to the site tomorrow...excited about it, i never seem to participate in stuff like this but want to get to know some artsy bloggers!!!

Monday, August 6, 2007

*Come on Girls.....*

Okay, so maybe that last question didn't inspire you enough to answer??? But let's get those minds working and figure it out...what have YOU dont today to make you feel proud???? There must be something...lke remembering to take medication, or not hitting someone who really irritated you, or saying hi to that co worker that you just can't stand...there must be something people!!!!

Friday, August 3, 2007

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

It's my version of Snow White...

This is a painting done on watercolor paper that i did last night...couldnt sleep. It's funny, sometimes i question my stuff and lately when i do that, i can't seem to stop painting, lol. I know things take time and i love this so i really cant stop. I have goals and i know that i will reach them, no matter how long it takes.